Frosty Treats in a Foodie’s Paradise

Ice cream: the year-round comfort food that brings a smile even in winter! In the heart of the West Village Towers neighbourhood, a foodie paradise awaits with its diverse mix of coffee shops, dessert havens, and buzzing bars. And what’s a culinary adventure without a scoop of the finest ice cream? With Valentine’s Day just a wink away, it’s the perfect excuse to explore these local ice cream gems. Each one is just a quick, 9-minute or less drive from the cozy confines of West Village Towers – ideal for a sweet date or an indulgent treat!


1.  Sweet Tooth Rolled Ice Cream 

📷credit: Sweet Tooth Website


A sunny winter day by the Bow or a casual hangout at Prince’s Island Park calls for a unique sweet tooth-rolled ice cream treat. Located on Center Street, they are pioneers in rolled ice cream. Here, you can enjoy classic flavours like Cookies and Cream or venture into new realms with Gotcha Matcha and Captain Banana Pants. They’ve got dairy-free options, making sure no one misses out on the fun!

9 minutes from West Village Towers


2.  LICS Ice Cream Shop 

📷credit: LICS Website


Just 6 minutes from West Village Towers, LICS Ice Cream Shop awaits with a dazzling array of 44 flavours! Whether you love chocolate, nuts, or fruity flavours, LICS has something for everyone. Planning a celebration? They’ve got you covered with ice cream cakes in five signature flavours. They’re also considerate of dietary needs, offering dairy-free and lactose-free options.


3.  Made By Marcus 

📷credit: Made By Marcus


This local favourite began right here in Calgary and has won hearts all across Alberta. Just a 5-minute drive from West Village Towers, Made By Marcus is perfect for a summer treat. Their unique flavours, like Guava Milkshake and Malted Chocolate Honeycomb, are must-tries. Don’t miss their Lemon Curd Blueberry or the intriguing Transcend Espresso PB&J!


4.  Village Ice Cream 

📷credit: Village Ice Cream Instagram


A mere 6-minute drive from West Village Towers brings you to the nearest of Calgary’s four Village Ice Cream locations. Their Seasonal and Always Flavours cater to every craving. Enjoy the Key Lime Pie or Coffee Crisp they launched earlier this summer, along with vegan options like cookies and cream or strawberry. There’s always something new and exciting here.


5.  La Diperie

📷credit: La Diperie Instagram


Seven minutes from West Village Towers, La Diperie is more than just an ice cream shop. They offer a delightful mix of treats like soft-serve, hard ice cream with fun toppings, mini donuts, cheesecakes, and even lava cakes! Planning a party? Their party packs are sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

7 minutes from West Village Towers


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