Deck the Halls with Cheer and Style


As the holiday season rapidly approaches, the air at West Village Towers is filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. We eagerly look forward to one of our favourite traditions: seeing our suites transform into breathtaking landscapes of holiday cheer. Each of our suites is unique in its design and offers the perfect setting for creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere without feeling overcrowded. The expansive windows, high-end appliances, and designer furnishings set the stage for comfortable and stylish living. Yet, it is the creativity and personal touches of our residents that genuinely animate these spaces. While our tenants always have a flair for making their homes memorable, the holiday season is particularly enchanting, offering everyone an extra reason to add a dash of sparkle and warmth to their home.

So whether you’re a part of our community or not, get ready to sprinkle some festive cheer this holiday season. Let’s explore enchanting ways to elevate your suite into a mesmerizing holiday haven.


1. Choosing the Perfect Tree for Your Space

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While large trees are iconic in holiday movies, apartment living calls for more space-efficient options. Here are some tree types that can add holiday cheer without overwhelming your space:

🎄Slim Tree: Slim trees provide a festive look for compact areas without occupying too much room.

🎄Mini Tree: Great for tabletops or shelves, mini trees allow you to enjoy the holiday spirit without sacrificing floor space. You can even scatter several throughout your suite for a cohesive, festive feel.

🎄 Half Tree: These trees are designed to fit snugly against a wall, offering the full-tree effect in half the space.


For those near West Village Towers, The Plantation Garden Centre, just a short 9-minute drive away, offers a variety of space-saving Christmas trees.   


2. Choose a Theme

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A cohesive theme can transform your holiday decorating into a seamless and enjoyable task. Begin by creating a Pinterest board to collect and organize your ideas. Whether you’re drawn to traditional reds and greens, a winter wonderland aesthetic, or a more unconventional palette, your theme will guide your choices in ornaments, textiles, and accessories. This approach simplifies your decorating process and ensures a harmonious and stylish holiday look in your suite. 

Pinterest Inspiration


3. Illuminating with Holiday Lights

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String lights are a quintessential part of holiday decor, offering a quick and easy way to infuse your home with a festive ambiance. They’re versatile enough to be strung around windows, mirrors, door frames, or even along the ceiling, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Whether you prefer classic white lights, colourful bulbs, or twinkling fairy lights, they add a magical touch to your holiday setup.


4. Creative Ways to Display Holiday Stockings

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Think beyond the mantel when it comes to your holiday stockings! Explore new spots in your apartment, like bookcases, shelving units, or window sills for that festive flair. Not only do stockings add a personalized touch to your decor, but they also serve as handy spots for tucking away small seasonal items. This merry twist decks your halls with charm and cleverly maximizes your space during the holiday season.


5. Creating Enchanting Centerpieces

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Your dining table can become a focal point of your holiday decor with DIY centrepieces. These can be as simple or elaborate as you like without taking up too much space. Consider using candles, pinecones, baubles, and greenery to create a festive tableau. Check out these DIY holiday centrepiece ideas for ideas and inspiration to spark your creativity.



6. Filling Your Home with Festive Scents

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The holidays’ aroma can significantly enhance your space’s overall ambience. Scents like pine, gingerbread, or cinnamon are pleasing and evoke warm holiday memories. Consider candles, diffusers, or homemade potpourri to give your home a delightful holiday fragrance. This subtle touch can make a big difference, especially in smaller apartments. For locally-made candles that capture these essences, check out this Calgary-based selection.



Luxury Living, Festive Feeling


And just like that, your home is holiday-ready! At West Village Towers, our suites are designed for living and celebrating. They perfectly blend luxury, class, and comfort, ensuring that our residents enjoy a lifestyle that epitomizes top-notch living and safety. Decorating for the holidays is more than just a seasonal activity – it’s about bringing warmth, joy, and a sense of community to your home. 

So, embrace this opportunity to infuse your suite with a festive touch, crafting a space that mirrors the elegance and vibrancy of life in the towers, where it’s about creating moments of joy and celebration in every corner of your home.