Peace of Mind, Redefined

Safety is more than a standard at West Village Towers—it’s our philosophy. We believe a true home isn’t just comfortable; it’s secure. That’s why our team has stepped up, putting stringent safety measures in place, giving you the freedom to live without worries.

We understand it’s impossible to guarantee a completely risk-free environment, but we’re relentlessly making life in the Towers as safe as possible. And remember, we’re not just another luxury rental apartment in downtown Calgary. We’re a fortress of safety and tranquillity. Now, let’s dive into the unique features that make life at our Towers the pinnacle of secure, comfortable living.


Professionally managed with on-site staff 7 days a week

Our professional management at West Village Towers is always at your service, keeping your safety our top priority. With our onsite security team operating seven days a week, your well-being is consistently guarded. Whether it’s addressing a concern or answering a question, we’re here to provide a secure, hassle-free living experience.


Restricted fob access by floor

To ramp up security even more, we’ve instituted floor-specific fob access. The cherry on top is our elevator access control system, which limits visitor access, ensuring an additional layer of safety. All these measures are designed to boost your confidence, knowing that you’re in a secure and well-guarded home.


Heated and gated underground parking

Charging,Station,For,Electric,Car,At,The,Parking Lot

Safety extends to your car, too, at West Village Towers. We ensure this with vigilant monitoring of our underground parking, providing a secure haven for your vehicle. The convenience factor is taken care of with a quick elevator ride from your apartment to the parking garage. And, in our commitment to sustainability, we’re proud to feature EV charging stations onsite. We’re here not just for today but to contribute to a better tomorrow.


Indoor Bike Storage Rooms

Cyclists are in for a treat! A secure indoor bike storage room means your bicycle stays safe, locked up, and shielded from the elements. Ready for your next ride around the city? Rest easy knowing your bike is well-protected and ready to roll whenever you are. It’s our way of saying we care about every aspect of your lifestyle.


Heated Storage Lockers only accessible by Key Fob

Here at West Village Towers, we safeguard your belongings as if they were our own. Our heated storage lockers, accessible only through key fobs, are designed to secure your items. This exclusive access to residents and staff protects your valuable possessions, giving you the assurance that what’s dear to you is safe when stowed away. It’s our commitment to protecting not just you but everything you value.


Building Safety, Building Trust

In our quest to create the ideal rental living experience at West Village Towers, nothing ranks higher than our tenants’ well-being. Our amenities are thoughtfully curated to enhance your living experience from good to exceptional. Safety and security aren’t just priorities – they form the core of our commitment to you. Our elevated security measures, always-available on-site staff, dedicated concierge services, and open communication channels testify to this commitment. We take pride in offering top-tier security for our residents. Should you have any queries about our professionally managed community, we’re just a message away. Reach out anytime!