You’ll never be at a loss for good food when you live in the West Village Towers. From the taste to the smell to the look, it’s all part of what makes a great dinner out. How often do you really get to enjoy yourself and experience all there is at a restaurant minutes away from your home? Well, suffice to say that living at the West Village Towers has certainly opened up your options when it comes to local cuisine less than 10 minutes away from us that will give you a taste of everything your tummy desires.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best restaurants near West Village Towers.

CHARCUT Roast House 4 minutes from WVT

CHARCUT Roast House has gained a loyal following among Calgary diners. The restaurant’s simple approach has earned accolades from locals and critics alike. The menu features amazing cuts of Alberta beef, whole rotisserie chickens, and house-baked bronze-die pasta. Ingredients come from local farmers, ranchers, and artisan producers.

Caesar’s Steakhouse 6 minutes from WVT

Caesar’s is your place if you’re looking for a classic, old-school steakhouse experience that hasn’t changed much in the last few decades. Established in 1972 by Calgary restaurateur Calvin Johnson and his son Cal Jr., Caesar’s provides a great setting for catching up with friends and sharing a few martinis while enjoying some great food. Although Caesar’s is not the Caesar cocktail’s birthplace, they make one of the best ones around!

Modern Steak 5 minutes from WVT

If you’re looking for Alberta beef in Calgary, Modern Steak is a great choice. Fitted with modern décor (hence the name) but fully immersed in Alberta cattle culture, Modern Steak represents both Calgary’s history and the future. The restaurant serves cuts from several Alberta ranches, but the biggest draw is its Modern Benchmark Black Angus, sourced from the offspring of a bull the restaurant owns.

National 4 minutes from WVT 

The chain of National is a success story. Locally owned, four different locations have their own flavour and atmosphere, catering to their specific neighbourhood. Calgary has become a beer town in recent years, and National represents many of Calgary’s best breweries.

OEB Breakfast Co 6 minutes from WVT

Local brunch lovers don’t need to search for long in Calgary—there are countless places to get a good breakfast. OEB Breakfast Co. is a favourite with both locals and visitors. In addition to three locations in the city, this Calgary-based chain is all about ultra-rich chef-driven breakfast concoctions made with the best farm-fresh eggs and other local ingredients.

Sky 360 5 minutes from WVT

The Calgary Tower has the best view of the city. Even longtime residents are often surprised when they look down from the top. The rotating Sky 360 restaurant gives you a chance to see it all from a plushy seat as you rotate around the tower’s circumference. The food is great: Look for local favourites made with bison, Canadian beef, and other Calgary-specific ingredients.

UNA Pizza + Wine 6 minutes from WVT

UNA Pizza + Wine, a pioneer of Calgary’s modern restaurant scene, serves some of the best pizzas in the city. It often has a queue, but classics like its prosciutto pizza and kale Caesar salad are worth any wait. With a focus on local ingredients from Alberta farmers and producers, UNA also features an impressive wine list with over 250 vintages that change regularly—so you can always find something new to try!

Pigeonhole 8 minutes from WVT

Chef Justin Leboe’s Pigeonhole is a small plate restaurant that offers modern Calgary cuisine in a wine and snack bar atmosphere. The menu changes regularly based on seasonality and the kitchen’s whims, but you can always count on creative flavour combinations, opulently dressed vegetables and some kind of tartar.

Deane House 8 minutes from WVT

Calgary has a geographical heart, and it’s at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers — right where Deane House sits. The house is a historic gem built in 1908 as the private residence of NWMP Superintendent Captain Richard Deane. The fully restored building has a relaxed modern feel, with a back patio that looks out on the rivers. The food matches the location. Expect high-level Canadiana cuisine that celebrates local history with a fine-dining twist.


The West Village area is one of the most sought-after places to live in Downtown Calgary, featuring a high walkability score, numerous shops, spas, salons and restaurants, and bars. Minutes away from our luxury rental apartments with quick transit access, you’ll also find ample opportunities for outdoor recreation in this part of town. If you’re looking for more than just housing options in this part of town, look no further – West Village Towers offers an extraordinary combination of luxury, comfort, convenience, and style.