If you love vintage stuff, finding bargains, or doing good deeds, some fantastic thrift shops await you! You’ve got resale, vintage, thrift, antique, and consignment stores – all great for saving money and being kind to the planet. And as Fall comes, why not try some second-hand treasure hunting?

Thrift stores are not only pocket-friendly but also eco-friendly. Plus, you’re likely to stumble upon unique and cool stuff. So, ditch the idea of a boring outfit and head to these Calgary thrift stores just 5 minutes from West Village Towers.



📸 Credit: new/ish


Step into new/ish, led by Montreal’s own Bianca Saudelli, who’s all about sustainable fashion and vintage love. Situated in downtown Calgary, it’s a mere 5-minute drive from WVT and offers carefully curated pieces. You’ll find pop-up stalls and long-term vendors to help you discover your next treasure. By teaming up with other resellers in YYC, Bianca has built a community-focused space that offers a wide range of pre-loved items.


Good Neighbour Community Market

📸 Credit: Good Neighbour


Here’s a gem of a find. Good Neighbour is a volunteer-run thrift store right in the heart of Calgary, and you decide what to pay. All their profits go towards buying food for the community. Their motto is “Take what you need, leave what you can, pay what you want.” Co-founder Alice Lam is breaking barriers and fantastically supporting the community. It’s just 5 minutes from WVT and is definitely worth a visit!




📸 Credit: HGvintage


We can safely assume that “HG” stands for Hidden Gem. HGvintage may quickly go unnoticed as you stroll along 17th Avenue, but you only need to look up. This store, located 5 minutes from WVT, sits above Rumble Boxing Studio on the second floor, opposite Western Canada High School. HG is arguably one of the best vintage stores in Calgary, and they wholeheartedly believe in the three “Holy R’s”: Reusing, Recycling, and Reworking. Their dedicated staff scours the globe for the finest discoveries, and their collection is simply incredible. We can’t praise this place enough!


So, the next time you go shopping, do it with the knowledge that you’re spending wisely, helping the environment, and setting trends! Just like us at West Village Towers, where you’re not just part of Calgary’s skyline but also part of a community carefully designed to provide a balanced and functional lifestyle with the most breathtaking views in Calgary.