The icing on your apartment cake

Imagine living in a luxurious apartment, like savouring a delicious treat. But now, picture this: you’re adding heated underground parking to the mix. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a whole new level of comfort and convenience. It’s like discovering the secret ingredient that makes your favourite dessert even more delightful.

This game-changer of an amenity comes with a treasure trove of benefits for tenants. It’s like the icing on the cake, or in this case, the cherry on top of the luxury apartment sundae. With heated underground parking, parking hassles become a thing of the past. You can glide in and out with ease, and you can rest easy knowing that your apartment is all about creating a living experience that’s truly exceptional.


Step into West Village Towers, Downtown Calgary’s Luxury Haven

Welcome to West Village Towers, where luxury meets convenience in Downtown Calgary. Our purpose-built community is designed for modern renters like you. One of our standout amenities is heated underground parking, a rare find in the Calgary rental market. Enjoy the convenience of a protected parking space and the added comfort of a heated garage, making winter mornings a breeze. Whether you’re a senior, a young professional, or anyone in between, our heated underground parking is here to cater to your needs and elevate your rental experience. Experience comfort and style right in the heart of the city!


Discover the Perks of Underground Parking at West Village Towers


1. Private Parking: Assigned Stalls for Each Resident

At West Village Towers, residents have designated parking spots in an underground heated area that’s closely monitored. This means you won’t have to stress about finding a parking space; you’ll always have your spot available, making parking easy and stress-free. Moreover, the underground parking lot is conveniently located right beneath the building. So, accessing your parking spot is quick and effortless, avoiding the hassle of searching for a spot in a crowded lot. This saves you time and energy when coming and going from your home or office. Ultimately, this setup provides residents with peace of mind and added convenience.


2. Safe, Warm Parking: Shield from Harsh Weather

We’re delighted to provide our tenants with heated underground parking, ensuring their vehicles stay safe from snow, ice, heat, and rain. This secure space accommodates cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles, offering peace of mind to all our residents, no matter the weather. Our underground parking is also climate-controlled, protecting vehicles from extreme summer heat and winter cold. Rest easy knowing your vehicle is safe and well cared for at our apartments.


3. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

West Village Towers is committed to providing our tenants and their visitors with a first-of-its-kind micro-community that goes beyond luxuries, amenities, and views—we’re part of the community and believe in building a better tomorrow. With that hope and aim, we are proudly one of the few luxury apartments in Downtown Calgary offering electric vehicle charging stations for our residents. Our charging stations are located at the P1 level, making them convenient and quick to access. You will be charged according to how much you use the stations. Third-party vendors manage them, so our tenants don’t have to worry about maintenance and management of the stations, and they’re reasonably priced.


4. Seamless Access with FOB Key

Our residents have the advantage of underground parking with a FOB Key, making it easy and quick to park their vehicles. The underground parking is secure and exclusive, giving them a sense of safety. With the FOB Key, residents can access the parking area at any time, especially for those with busy schedules or off-hour commitments. It also adds security since only residents with FOB Keys can enter the parking area, ensuring the safety of everyone and their belongings. We prioritize our residents’ well-being and aim to create a secure and comfortable living environment for everyone in our complex.


5. Affordable Parking Solutions for West Village Towers Residents

At West Village Towers, we prioritize our tenants’ needs and understand the importance of secure and affordable parking. That’s why we offer underground parking at a reasonable rate. It’s an optional service, so tenants can choose the parking option that suits them best. This adds extra security and also helps reduce parking costs for our residents. The underground parking is well-maintained, and the rates are reasonable, ensuring safe, secure, and affordable parking for our tenants. Providing underground parking allows us to offer our residents the best possible parking options.


Experience life at its best with us!

Our underground parking is always a hit among residents, and it’s no surprise why! With the added convenience of the EV charging station and nominal charges, our residents absolutely adore it. But speaking of popularity, there’s something equally delightful here at West Village Towers – our penthouse-level gym with spectacular views. Oh! It is a sight to work out with such a breathtaking view, adding even more desirability to life at West Village Towers.


Our units are a perfect blend of luxury, class, and comfort, and we take pride in providing a lifestyle to our residents that treats them to top-notch living facilities and safety. Life in the towers is simply the best in every possible way. 

Join us and experience the comfort and style you deserve right in the city’s heart.