Experience firsthand the mesmerizing blend of elegance and excitement that is downtown Calgary!! As residents of West Village Towers, an adventure awaits outside your front door. Picture yourself strolling through the city’s bustling streets, unearthing hidden gems, and capturing the essence of Calgary’s charm through your lens. 

From cultural landmarks to secret spots only the locals know about, our blog is your key to unlocking a world of inspiration. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, exploring the must-visit places that inspire and motivate you. Calgary’s charm is calling; are you ready to answer?


Scotsman’s Hill

📸 Credit: foursquare.com


Scotsman’s Hill is only 10 minutes drive from West Village Towers in Calgary’s southeast. It is 1010 feet high and has outstanding city views, including the Calgary Tower, Saddledome, Bow River, and modern skyscrapers. It’s gorgeous at sunset when everything glows golden. The hill is next to the Elbow River and part of a 70-kilometer pathway system that goes through the city. This makes it an excellent place for hiking and cycling, so it’s a favourite spot for people who love the outdoors.


St. Patrick’s Island

📸 Credit: St. Patrick’s Island


A mere 9-minute drive from West Village Towers, St. Patrick’s Island on the Bow River is a rejuvenated urban retreat connected to East Village by the George C. King Bridge. This once overlooked spot is now a picturesque park with lush pathways, spanning a 138-km network across fifty Calgary neighbourhoods. It’s a hotspot for local festivities, known for hosting cultural events like the Calgary Folk Music Festival and Stampede. Ideal for families, it offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and water fun, all set against a backdrop perfect for capturing memorable photos.


Peace Bridge

📸 Credit: Peace Bridge


The Peace Bridge, a 7-minute drive from West Village Towers, is a bright-red architectural marvel spanning the Bow River. Designed by famous architect Santiago Calatrava and completed in 2012, it’s a standout feature of Calgary’s skyline. With sleek curves, designated paths for cycling and walking, and incredible viewpoints, it’s a vital part of the city’s infrastructure and a popular spot for taking eye-catching photos. Whether capturing the bridge itself or using it as a backdrop, it’s a must-visit for photography enthusiasts.


Prince’s Island Park

📸 Credit: Peace Bridge


Prince’s Island Park, an 8-minute drive from West Village Towers, is a vibrant hub in downtown Calgary, nestled on an island in the Bow River. With scenic pathways, striking city views, and eclectic art installations, it’s the perfect locale for exploration and capturing memories. Nearby attractions such as Confederation Park, Wonderland Sculpture, the Central Library, and Stephen Avenue Walk are within easy reach. And when hunger strikes, indulge in great food and drinks in the bustling Downtown Beltline, known for its lively culinary scene and dynamic street art. Dive into an urban escapade!


Bow River (Pathway)

📸 Credit: Bow River


The Bow River, a beautiful and vast river running through Calgary for approximately 587 kilometres, is conveniently accessible just a 6-minute drive from West Village Towers through the Bow RiverPathway. This popular site caters to various outdoor activities like flyfishing, kayaking, rafting, and cycling, attracting locals and visitors seeking to enjoy Calgary’s great outdoors. With the river also flowing through some of Alberta’s top provincial parks, such as Glenbow Ranch and Fish Creek Park, you can expect jaw-dropping views no matter where you explore. Whether it’s Calgary’s glittering skyline or the majestic Rocky Mountains complemented by the river’s winding course, the Bow River offers the perfect backdrop to admire the beauty of Alberta.


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