People are turning to electric-powered vehicles (EVs) as an alternative to fossil-fuel-powered vehicles. The government of Canada is promoting this trend by setting a goal of 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035. There will be a higher need for more charging stations. Many apartment buildings still do not provide electric vehicle charging stations, making it hard for those who own EVs to rent.

Electric vehicles are becoming more of a necessity than an amenity nowadays because of three reasons:

EVs are better for the environment:

Since there are no EV emissions, they don’t pollute as much as traditional vehicles when used for transportation purposes (and even less so if you charge your electric car with renewable energy). In addition, because it doesn’t take gasoline or diesel fuel to power an electric vehicle’s engine—it only uses electricity—your carbon footprint will be significantly smaller when driving your EV versus driving a gas-powered car in terms of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and other environmental issues related to fossil fuels extraction and processing into usable fuel sources like gasoline or diesel products used by conventional cars and trucks today!

EVs are becoming more popular: 

The number of EV sales has increased steadily over the last few years and shows no signs of slowing down.

EVs are becoming more affordable:

Prices have dropped considerably since their debut, and with the rise of competitors in the market, buyers now have more choices and can afford vehicles that were once out of their reach.

It’s time for apartment buildings to evolve!

It’s time for apartment buildings to move into the 21st century. The changing world and residents’ preferences are important in how apartments should rethink their amenities. We should all be thinking about how our contributions can help the environment, and installing EV charging stations is one way to do that.

The West Village Towers offer electric vehicle charging stations!

Small changes today will bring in big results tomorrow! The West Village Towers‘ commitment to providing our tenants and their visitors with a first-of-its-kind micro-community goes beyond the luxuries, amenities, and view—we’re part of the community and believe in building a better tomorrow. With that hope and aim, we are proudly one of the few luxury apartments in the Downtown Calgary area, offering electric vehicle charging stations for our residents.

Our charging stations are at the P1 level, making them convenient and quick to access. You will be charged according to how much you use the stations. Third-party vendors manage them, so our tenants don’t have to worry about maintenance and management of the stations, and they’re reasonably priced.

Here are the key features:

Convenient and quick to access:

The charging stations are located on the P1 level of the parking garage, so you don’t have to walk very far if you want to use them. And because they’re right next to our elevators, it’s easy for residents to hop on an elevator and get back into their apartment quickly once they’re finished charging their cars.

Managed by the third party: 

A third-party company manages EV charging stations at West Village Towers, which provides all the hardware and software needed to charge your electric car. The company also provides monitoring software to track your energy usage and see how much money you save by using chargers instead of gasoline or diesel fuel.

Available 24*7 and reasonably priced

The charging stations are available 24*7, and they’re reasonably priced; you pay for what you use! We know you’ll love the convenience of being able to charge your car wherever you want, whenever you need it. 


EV charging stations are a great incentive to go “green” and help the environment. West Village Towers is more than just an address; we understand the importance of community and are determined to play our part in building a better tomorrow. What makes us unique is that our amenities extend beyond the ordinary; we believe and aspire for the extraordinary, be it the service we provide or the options we have for our residents.