Listen up, party lovers and adventure seekers! This one’s for you! Calgary’s full of hidden speakeasy bars and secret nightclubs that promise a night to remember, and guess what? They’re all just a stone’s throw away from West Village Towers. This means your home is literally the entrance to some of the coolest, most undercover party spots in town. Ready to go on an adventure? These hidden spots aren’t just for chilling and partying; they’re about the excitement of finding something new right where you live. Let’s jump in and discover these places that might turn into your next go-to spots, tucked away and eagerly waiting for you to find them!


Prickett Richard 

đź“·credit Prickett Richard


Stroll down 17th Avenue for just 7 minutes from West Village Towers, and you’ll stumble upon Prickett Richard, a place with a vibe that’s as intriguing as its name. Nestled beneath the bustling Comer Block BBQ, this spot serves up small plates with big flavors like oysters, tartare, and that mouthwatering combo of pickled melon with prosciutto. Oh, and let’s not forget about their drinks – they’re the real stars of the show!


Betty Lou’s Library 

📷 credit Betty Lou’s Library


Craving a night filled with the smokey essence of bourbon, soft jazz tunes, and a dash of 1920s glamour? Just 5 minutes away from your cozy tower home, Betty Lou’s secret bookcase awaits to whisk you away. This spot is perfect for those moments when you just need to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and dive into an evening of elegance and mystery.


Prohibition Bar and Lounge 

đź“· credit Prohibition Bar and Lounge


Feeling jazzy? Calgary’s speakeasy scene on 17th Avenue shines brightly with Prohibition Bar and Lounge, just 6 minutes away from the towers. Step into a world adorned with old photographs, instruments, and décor that whispers tales of jazz, booze, and good times. It’s like a time capsule of fun waiting to be opened!


Frenchie Wine Bar 

đź“· credit Frenchie Wine Bar


Who can say no to pizza and wine, especially when it’s from one of Calgary’s best-kept secrets? Hidden behind UNA Pizza on 17th Avenue, and a mere 6-minutes from West Village Towers, Frenchie Wine Bar offers an intimate speakeasy experience. If you snag one of the coveted seats, prepare for an evening of inventive drinks and delectable fondue that’s absolutely worth the wait.


Untitled Champagne Lounge 

đź“· credit Untitled Champagne Lounge


Fancy a night of indulgence? Untitled Champagne Lounge, just 3 minutes from West Village Towers, serves up visually stunning cocktails in an ambiance that’s all about the luxe life. While it might not be tucked away within another establishment, its secretive vibe comes from the lack of signage, making finding it a delightful challenge!


Paper Lantern

đź“· credit Paper Lantern


Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Paper Lantern, located 7 minutes from the towers, offers a slice of vacation vibes right in the heart of Calgary. With Vietnamese tapas, subs, bowls, and uniquely tropical drinks, it’s the perfect place to trick your tastebuds into thinking you’re on a beach far away.


Sub Rosa 

đź“· credit Sub Rosa


Glitz, glamour, and wild drinks await at Sub Rosa, just 5 minutes from West Village Towers. With a drink menu that seems endless and a diverse playlist to please all music lovers, it’s the ultimate spot for a night to remember. Don’t miss out on this glitzy adventure!




And there you go – your quick guide to the coolest, most secret bars and nightclubs just around the corner from West Village Towers! These places are not just about sipping on awesome drinks or soaking in the good vibes; they’re about the excitement of finding something new and the happiness that comes from exploring. West Village Towers is more than just your home for top-notch living; it’s your pass to a lively world right in Calgary’s heart. With cafes, bars, shops, and everything fun just a short walk away, every day is a chance to stumble upon a new adventure.