In the center of Calgary, West Village Towers emerges as an epitome of upscale living seamlessly integrated with environmental mindfulness. This architectural marvel represents the perfect harmony between luxury and sustainability, proving that one does not have to be sacrificed for the other. In this blog post, we’re going to show you all the ways West Village Towers helps you live more sustainably, creating a new standard for eco-friendly city living. Discover how choosing to live here means you’re not just enjoying life’s finer things but also contributing to a greener future.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging,Station,For,Electric,Car,At,The,Parking Lot


At West Village Towers, you’re at the forefront of eco-innovation with our state-of-the-art electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. As the world shifts towards electric mobility, direct access to on-site charging offers significant convenience and supports sustainable lifestyle choices. These facilities embody our commitment to a greener future, encouraging you to embrace this clean mode of transportation and reinforcing our dedication to fostering an environmentally friendly community right here in your home.


Energy-Efficient Appliances


In each West Village Towers home, you’ll find energy-efficient appliances. These aren’t just good for the earth and help you save money. By using less electricity and water, these appliances reduce how much energy our community uses. This makes our homes better for the environment and helps lower your utility bills, giving you the best of modern living without the high costs.


Advanced Window Glazing


Advanced window glazing in each suite enhances the breathtaking views from West Village Towers. This innovative technology serves a dual purpose: it shields your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays and retains warmth during the cooler months in Calgary. As a result, there’s less need for artificial heating and cooling, leading to significant energy savings and ensuring your comfort throughout the year.


Smart Home Technology


Integration of smart home technology is at the heart of each suite’s design. This sophisticated system puts control into the hands of residents, allowing for efficient management of energy consumption. With features like smart thermostats and automated lighting systems, living smart means living sustainably, and residents can easily adjust their usage to minimize waste.


Bike Storage Facilities


Embracing an eco-friendly and active lifestyle is effortless with secure bike storage facilities at West Village Towers. These amenities make it easy for you to choose cycling—a sustainable and zero-emission mode of transport—over driving. With scenic trails, lush parks, and captivating neighbourhoods all around, incorporating cycling into your daily routine is convenient and a joy. This boosts your physical health and significantly reduces our environmental footprint, perfectly aligning with our commitment to health and sustainability in our vibrant community.


LED Lighting


LED lighting is a standard feature throughout West Village Towers, known for its energy efficiency and longevity. This lighting solution consumes a fraction of the energy used by traditional bulbs, offering a bright, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative that aligns perfectly with our’ green-living commitment. 


Balcony in all Suites


Every suite’s balcony is a personal green space, an urban garden where residents can grow plants and contribute to air purification. These private havens encourage interaction with nature, offering a slice of the natural world and a chance to foster a more intimate relationship with the environment, even from high above the city streets.




West Village Towers offers more than just a place to call home; it embodies a lifestyle that deeply resonates with the values of its residents. Living here means you’re not just indulging in luxury but also actively contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. Our community doesn’t merely embrace eco-friendly living; we’re at the forefront of shaping it, with every innovative step reflecting our commitment to the environment.

Join a community where your passion for the environment is not only acknowledged but also celebrated. Reach out to our leasing team to arrange a visit and see firsthand how West Village Towers transforms everyday living into an extraordinary experience that benefits you and the planet.