Calgary’s Cultural Wonderland

Living at West Village Towers places you at the heart of Calgary’s arts and culture scene. Every morning begins with the promise of new explorations—just a few steps away, the city reveals its rich mosaic of live performances, art exhibitions, and cultural events. Your days become chapters in an ongoing adventure, with each corner turned, potentially opening onto your next favourite moment. Here, the city’s essence isn’t just a backdrop; it’s the space you live and breathe, offering endless opportunities for awe, inspiration, and connection. 

Let’s step out and dive into the vibrant journey that awaits right at your doorstep.


The Heartbeat of Arts Commons

Photo Credit: Arts Commons GMB Listing


Just around the corner, Arts Commons is where the magic happens nightly. Home to Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and more, this cultural powerhouse offers a world of drama, music, and laughter. It’s your go-to for an unforgettable night out, offering something for every taste. And the cherry on top? It’s only a super quick 4-minute drive from West Village Towers. Get ready to jazz up your nights!


Intimacy on Stage

Photo Credit: Grand Theatre Website


Love feeling part of the play? The GRAND (4 mins away), Lunchbox Theatre (3 mins away), and Vertigo Theatre (3 mins away) are all just a stone’s throw from West Village Towers! These theatres excel at bringing you so close to the action you might just forget you’re not actually in the story. The performances brim with life and emotion, drawing you in until you’re laughing, gasping, and maybe even crying along. It’s that intimate experience where every show is a journey, and you’re always at the heart of it. Adventure awaits right around the corner.



A Canvas Called Downtown

Photo Credit: Contemporary CalgaryGMB Listing


Downtown Calgary is like a giant art party, and you’re invited! Just a quick 4-minute walk from West Village Towers, and bam! You’re at Contemporary Calgary. This isn’t your average art spot; it’s where art from every corner of the globe pops up to surprise you through awesome exhibits and lively discussions. Here, art’s not just something you see—it’s something you live, breathe, and chat about with other art fans. Ready to dive into the fun?



Explore Glenbow’s Treasures

Photo Credit: Glenbow Museum Instagram profile 


While the Glenbow Museum is getting a cool new look, the fun hasn’t stopped—it’s just moved over to Glenbow at The Edison. And the best part? It’s totally free! This place is like a treasure box that’s always open, filled with art and history that’s meant to be shared with everyone. Think of it as one of the biggest collections of cool stuff in Western Canada, with over 250,000 things to see. And while we’re waiting for the main museum to say “hello” again, there’s a special pop-up gallery, Glenbow at The Edison, just a quick 3-minute trip from West Village Towers. It’s where all the travelling exhibits stop by to share their stories. Ready to explore?


Calgary Tower’s Sky-High Views

Photo Credit: Shutterstock


Your adventure’s not done until you’ve seen the city from way up high at Calgary Tower! It’s like standing on top of the world, with the whole city below you. Plus, a super cool tour tells you all about the landmarks you’re spotting from the sky. Enjoy pointing out places you’ve been or spotting new ones to explore, all while learning fun facts that make you go, “Wow, I didn’t know that!” It’s not just a view; it’s a whole new way to connect with Calgary, only 3 mins from West Village Towers!  Ready to see Calgary in a whole new way?




In the Heart of Culture


At West Village Towers, we’re not just talking about an apartment; we’re inviting you into a lifestyle where luxury meets culture right at your doorstep. Inside, every unit is a slice of paradise, decked out with amenities that turn living into a lavish experience. But the adventure doesn’t stop at your door. Step outside, and downtown Calgary unfolds as your personal playground of arts, music, and history. It’s a place where every day brings new stories to tell, new scenes to discover and endless inspiration. Here, living is about blending the comfort and elegance of your home with the city’s vibrant pulse. Welcome to West Village Towers, where life is an exciting blend of indoor luxury and outdoor wonders. Ready to make this your new home?